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How it works

Any further question?

What is Dear Mee and what can it bring you?

Dear Mee is a digital platform that allows you to send a letter, photos, videos, audios to the future so that… you don’t forget anything about what you were, or what you felt in life.

You can send it to yourself and / or to third parties.

Here you have ideas to know when and what to write messages to the future!

Why should I write a letter to the future?

Receiving a surprise message from the past is an incredible experience. Send to your future some words of inspiration, gratitude, consolation, a photo, video, audio … Or make a prediction about your life, your family or the world. What will the future be like in a year, five, twenty …?

It is a moment for you and yours that you will not forget.

Who and for what is a letter to the future?

The best thing about writing a letter is the satisfaction of the recipient.

If you dedicate it to yourself, congratulations for finding yourself a space for personal self-care. And if you send it to someone, they will surely be very excited to see that you thought of them!

Okay, but what if the email from what I sent the letter changes?

You will always be able to enter your Dear Mee profile and change your email before the letter is sent.

It is important that you remember the email with which you signed up.

You will be able to sign up for Dear Mee, by entering the web for the first time or as soon as you receive the email informing you that someone has sent you a message for the future.

And what would happen if the recipient's email changed?

If the recipient’s email changes, you will have to send another letter to the new email. Or trust that the receiver has signed up for Dear Mee to receive the letter anyway.

Okay. I am the recipient. I have received an email stating that someone has sent me a letter to the future. What happens if I change the email where I received this notice?

You can always access to your Dear Mee profile to view received messages.

To do so, you must register in Dear Mee. You can do this when you receive the email informing you that someone has sent you a message for the future.

This email tells you that you already have an account created with the email where you have received your notice.

This email account will be your username. You will only have to recover your password. Once you receive the link to reset your password, and you do so, you will have the account where you can see the messages received, from the date they were programmed, of course! 🙂

If you don’t want a Dear Mee profile, save your email address for a long time (gmail, hotmail, yahoo, etc.).

How much does it cost to use Dear Mee?

€ 4.99; € 14.99; € 29.99

With this we plant trees, we keep the platform safe and working, we keep the letters safe.

When I buy a pack, I see in my profile that I get credits to spend. How exactly does it work?

Very easy!

With the first pack, for you or your beloved one, you acquire a credit and you can send a letter to the future to a recipient.

With the second pack, you acquire 20 credits and you can send up to 20 letters to the future to different recipients.

With the third pack, you acquire 50 credits, and you can send up to 50 letters to the future to various recipients.

I still do not understand what this credit consists of.

One credit equals one destination email.

1 credit = 1 recipient = 1 email = 1 envelope seal in real life

Let’s imagine that I buy the second pack, for friends and family, € 14.99.

As we have said, automatically, I will have 20 credits.

If you write a letter (you can attach photos, video, audio …) and send it to 20 people at a time, or what is the same, to 20 different emails, you will have consumed 20 credits.

Why? If we make a parallel with the offline world, it would be 20 stamps.

You have sent it to 20 different addresses.

Let’s see more examples:

If you write a letter and send it to your partner, you will have consumed 1 credit.

If you write the same letter to 2 of your friends, you will have consumed 2 credits (each friend of yours has a different email).

If you write the same letter and send it to your 3 siblings, you will have consumed 3 credits (each one has a different email).

Private and / or public message but anonymous?

If you mark your email as “public, but anonymous”, it will be included in the “READ” section, where all public letters can be read.

Your email address will never be shown or shared, and neither will your files.

Only the body of the letter and the subject will be displayed.

Refrain from mentioning specific people in a public letter (and if you do, we reserve the right to remove your letter. Read our terms of service for more details).

You cannot change the status (public or anonymous) of the letter once you have clicked the button.

Can I modify or cancel a Dear Mee (message to the future)?

From your Dear Mee account page you can delete a letter (and pay € 0.99 for it) but you cannot change the date on which you scheduled the letter to be sent or view or edit its content. This would defeat the purpose of Dear Mee.

Is my data well saved?

We have made a lot of investments in the security of keeping cards safe. We have selected a completely reliable company: Nicalia.

Tell me more about Treenation. Is a tree planted for every letter sent?

For each pack, a tree is planted.

The tree belongs to whoever buys the pack, who sometimes matches the recipient of the message and sometimes not.

You can track the tree through the tree nation website.

When you buy the pack of letters, an email will be sent to you with all the information.