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What pack

For you or your beloved one

Write yourself a message to the future so you don’t forget that trip that made you so happy, that graduation, that special day. To remember your dreams.

Write or send a video with your new goals for the next year.

Write what you expect from the experience you are about to start and when you finish it check if something matches!

Write down what your fears are and see if you have already overcome them after a while!

Send photos to your mother, your father, your partner, your son @, your best friend …! Whoever you love and remind them how much you care. It will be a lovely unexpected surprise!

Write down what you don’t want to tell him/her in person … and send it to him/her in the future!

To send to you, friends and family

You can write a joint letter with your friends remembering the shared moments, you can all make promises, predictions of how you will be … And send the message to each one of you.

Send letters, photos, videos… to your children!

You can write letters to your sons and daughters for their 18th birthday. Send the letters to your email for their 18th birthday and share what you wrote about them so many years ago!

Send a letter to your father / mother when he turns 60!

Send a video to your friend for when he turns 30! Remind him of what he was like at 20!

To your parents for their 25th anniversary!

To your partner for your anniversary too!

Write the purposes / dreams you have as a couple and check them some years later!

Send a letter to the future to your relatives.

You can also write a joint letter and make predictions, remember family moments … Send a letter today and receive it in 10 years!

Write what you do not dare to say in life …

And send the message to them in the future.

For communities

For team dynamics, team building, joint / individual evaluation.

Example: A department profile is created in a communication company.

The boss shares password and username with the workers.

Annual dynamic: To write individual (anonymous) objectives for the good of the group.

Each worker, from the Dear Mee profile that has been created, sends a letter to the email that has been said (the general department email, for example).

On the day of the annual dynamics, everyone will be able to read the letters and talk about whether the goals have been conquered or not.

They will be sent and received on the date previously set by the organizer of the activity.

It can be done with other goals. For instance: with yoga groups, sports teams, language groups to see the evolution in a year (write an essay at the beginning of the year and another at the end), students (send a letter at the beginning of the course to see what they expect and read it the end of the year or at the end of a cycle), in weddings (write dedications/send photos of the wedding for the first anniversary of the new husband and wife) …